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Michael Hoffman

Owner, partner, & the creator of LeanMail, Atrendia
Michael Hoffman is an Executive Coach; CEO of LeanMail, a suite of productivity solutions for email, meetings and projects; and Partner, CEO of Atrendia, a consultancy firm working with medium to large organizations bringing about dynamic improvements in productivity for knowledge workers through innovation and the facilitation of change. Michael has diverse experience in various management roles involving many kinds of people and cultures. His experience as an entrepreneur spans over 25 years.
As an Executive Coach, Michael is a pragmatist, taking a heuristic approach focusing on work/life goals and a 360 degree mindset.  His clients — the majority of whom I have been collaborating with for years — meet with him on a weekly basis.  Michael is a student of Lean thinking, Drucker, Covey, Bradshaw, Peck, Dyer, Kotter, Csikszentmihalyi and many other prominent thought leaders.
Michael’s specialties include: General management, change management, negotiations, large account management, HR, Finances, the strategy process, business process design, and IT management.

Erik Christian Rosenkrantz

Partner & co-owner of CDM A/S, CDM A/S

Erik Rosenkrantz has a background in accounting, He was a senior consultant at Arthur Andersen and then moved to sales and marketing at ITT.

In 1988 he started his own company CDM SalesSystems. His driving vision has always been to enable companies to determine their own revenue—known today as “revenue automation.”

Erik is the president of CDM but also teaches young people.

Roy Speed

Partner, owner of Salient, Inc., Salient, Inc.,

Roy Speed is the president of Salient, Inc., a writing consultancy based in CT.

He has long experience with the writing challenges of large organizations and has particular expertise with the challenges of email writing and document-related risk. He is also a regular speaker on business writing challenges to MBA students at Wharton and undergraduate business students at Baruch College.

Steven Hoffman

Board member

Steven Hoffman is a thought leader in applied innovation. With a unique combination of business acumen and emotional intelligence, he helps clients navigate situations that may be emotionally charged or fraught with political implications. As a result, he has an international reputation for designing and facilitating complex Board and executive team meetings. Clients consistently comment on his ability to engage audiences in a way that leads to elegant solutions unifying the entire team’s commitment. Steven attributes these successes to injecting creative collaboration into the process of solving complex business problems.

Prior to founding Human Synergy, Steven was a co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for WE software.   He graduated with highest honors and departmental citations in both Economics and Psychology from the University of California at Davis, and is a Phi Beta Kappa recipient.

Stefan Tyler Cooper

Head of training (emeritus)

Stefan has been training LeanMail and handling customer service with Atrendia since 2007.  A “people-person”, Stefan brings enthusiasm, humor and a focused intensity to his training sessions in order to effectively communicate concepts and drive positive change-management.

He has extensive knowledge in Microsoft Office, the Citrix GoTo Suite for meetings, trainings and webinars, as well as other tools for internal communication such as Yammer, Skype and Lync.

With a Masters Degree in Trumpet Performance from Arizona State University, he enjoys performing, teaching and conducting, and has been actively doing so for over 25 years.

While Stefan still does occasional training, he’s gone back to an illustrious career as a trumpet player once again!

Boe Larsen

Training consultant

Boe Larsen has been working since 2008 as a certified trainer for Atrendia rolling out LeanMail to a multitude of company clients.

Besides his activities with Atrendia he works as a music producer at his Copenhagen based recording studio, MillFactory.  His musical output continues to grow with over 1 million units sold worldwide.

He graduated with a master in piano at the Danish Music Academy in 1998. Teachers were among others jazz masters Carsten Dahl and Butch Lacy.

Besides he is a certified Karate (Shotokan, 2. dan), Krav Maga (KMG G2., self defense) and Kettlebell (SFG) instructor.

The red line that goes through these activities is his contact with people. On many levels seeking the most direct way from problem to solution – helping people achive what it is that they want. We need power, dedication, knowledge and skill. Not just one of them. Atrendia has these focusing tools.

Andrey Kozachuk

Head of software development
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM automizations
  • Microsoft Office add-in development
  • MS SQL Server solutions
  • Front-end web development

Esther Bieto

Key account manager, Spain

Esther graduated with a  Bachelors degree in production design at University of Barcelona and studied oriental studies at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

She has five years of experience in sales, with a focus on communication and new technologies, working with both B2C and B2B. She enjoys spending time with clients and is constantly looking for opportunities to build relationships.

Esther is always searching for new ways to improve herself.  Right now she is studying Japanese and looks forward to learning more languages in order to communicate with people around the world. She’s also a history and science enthusiast.

Juan Martinez

Sales Consultant, Madrid

Juan Martinez is a dynamic team spirited professional with a blend of Technical mastery, Business acumen and Project Management. Juan has a long experience working in the Consulting and Project Management arena leading multi-cultural and multi-functional teams from different industries in an International environment for firms such as P&G, Siemens and Exxon Mobil.

Among Juan’s areas of expertise are Lean Manufacturing, TPM, Kaisen and related methodologies to improve companies’ performance. He enjoys work with people and develop their skills while achieving benchmark results in his projects. He is a great coach and motivator.

Juan is a graduated Electrical Engineer from the Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela and has marketing studies from the ITESM, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico. A free minded person, Juan knows that everything is possible to achieve with a good intention, planning and team work. Help each other during our travel in this existence is key to bring a better world. Juan practice different water sports with surfing been one of his favourite, he is a nature and beach lover.

Alex Gual de Torrella

Consultant - Spain

Alex Gual de Torrella is Owner and CEO of W Consulting, with an extensive career of more than 17 years in consultancy. Previously he has worked for Accenture as a manager or Cordence Worldwide as a partner.

Alex has led more than 100 projects to improve operational management, with deep knowledge of customer service optimization, back office, production and maintenance, shared services, organization models, change management, operational strategy and sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Alex studied Business administration at the University of Barcelona and received his Masters from the IESE Business School. He is also member of “Círculo de Economia” in Barcelona.