Lean Teams

Apply Lean techniques for Team building

Lean teams are groups of individuals who work and communicate clearly and cohesively.We deliver customized solutions for your team

Lean Projects

Atrendia offers specailized training for project managers of all levels: from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Our focus is placed on continuity, culture and communication.

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Effective meetings can create synergies and be a great source of inspiration. Ineffective or inefficient meetings can undermine your entire company culture.

LeanMeetings assures that trust, accountability and your organizations priority prevail.

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Team Building

Contrary to widespread belief, great team-building activities are not chosen from a catalog but built by design.

Through careful analysis of your current needs, we can aid you in the design, execution and, most importantly, the follow-up of inspirational team-building events.

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Tools for Lean Teams

Atrendia provides customized training for all the proprietary tools we offer through us or our partners.

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Atrendia offers three diagnostic formats:

1. Surveys. Gives broad general analysis of current situation.
2. Interviews. Penetrates the surface to more deeply understand current challenges and begin the engagement process
3. Gemba interviews. First-hand contact with challenges in order to offer immediate suggestions for fixes and get greater insight into

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Lean Desktops

The digital desktop in your computer screen is the new desktop. Just as in the physical world, digital desktops require constant maintenance or mistakes will be made. Its easy to fall into poor habits, but with the right understanding, training and tools, it’s just as easy to pull yourself out of them.

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