Coaching, Counceling and Training Courses for Executives

Make coaching your competitive advantage

Coaching for Executives1:1 coaching exclusively for busy executives

Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching with Michael Hoffman, For executives who wish to achieve their greatest potential as leaders. The majority of Michael's clients receive their coaching on line, making it easier to maintain continuity.

Accountability Partnering

Who is the one person you know who readily accepts your broken promises? That person is you — the same person who routinely fails to match the time available with what needs to be accomplished. So what's the trick to keeping yourself accountable? Well, it's not a trick. It's a new service we're providing.

Executive Counseling

Sometimes we feel the need to speak with someone who has a better understanding of the demands placed on us and who regularly works with other executives coping with similar issues, and going to a psychologist doesn't seem like the right choice. Executive Counseling fills that void.

Create Your Personal Mission and Vision Statements

Without a personal mission and vision statement, you're taking a huge gamble. Imagine running your business without a clear direction and idea of how to pursue your goals. You'd never do that. So why are you taking such an enormous risk with your personal life?

Executive Productivity TrainingEmail, Meetings and Project Management

Email management

LeanMail Suite Personal Training (full version)

Executives who want to take email to a professional level. This is not a "tips and tricks" training program, but an end-to-end transformative solution that once and for all solves the challenges of managing email. This the complete LeanMail Suite course.

LeanMail InstantArchive Personal Training

For executives who want a much improved way of filing and finding email in a private setting.

LeanMail Inbox480 Training for Individuals

The Outlook survival tool for anyone receiving over 30 mails per day.

Leadership TrainingClassroom, 1:1, on-line

Personal Leadership Training

“How much joy can you endure?” may sound awkward at first, yet just think about it – how much success in business and life can you accept? Plenty, hopefully. In Personal Leadership the focus is exactly on directing your attention to becoming the very best version of yourself so you colleagues, peers, superiors and friends and your family will feel smitten by seeing you in the light you deserve – as an admirable personality and leader!

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