How good is your way of managing your inbox?

Most people think they’re a 3 or 4 out of 5 when asked how good they think they are at managing their inbox.

If your system doesn’t allow you to prioritize by importance (value) and by urgency (time), then you will not be able to handle a flow of even 50 mails per day at a professional level.

By professional level I mean:
1) NEVER missing or responding late to an important mail.
2) ALWAYS (systematically) responding to the most important/urgent mails first
3) ALWAYS maintaining a clear overview of exactly what you need to do next and when for each mail.

If you can’t see exactly what you need to do each day – in order of priority – then you have a substandard system that is wasting numerous resources and harming your profitability. Just think Pareto Principal – the 80/20 rule. Remember it’s a rule not a suggestion.

Think.  Do you still consider yourself a 3 or a 4?  Based on the above criteria, most people should rate themselves as a 1 at best.  That’s why there’s LeanMail