Coaching and Training for Project Managers

Learn new methods and tools

You have the responsibility of the planning, procuring and executing projects, large and small.

Plan and Control at a higher level

Project managers come in all shapes and sizes, levels of experience and interest.

Perhaps you are embarking on your first major project or you could be responsible for several teams of project managers.

In either case, Atrendia offers an array of cutting edge proprietary tools and specialized training for project managers both live and virtually.


Get to know our courses for Project Managers:

LeanMail Turbo Training

Michael has amazing business acumen and has helped me redefine our strategy and tactics — something that is difficult to do even if you are extremely well versed in financial planning and private banking. Michael is rigorous, with great perseverance.  He is open-minded, has a statistical mind, is trustworthy and very smart. 
I recommend Michael to any executive who is looking for an intuitive, smart, out-of-the-box thinker who is capable of bringing out the best in you.
Xavi San Miguel Moragas, CFA, Managing Director BISSAN Value Investing, EAFI