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More than 67 percent of most knowledge workers’ days are spent in meetings and inboxes. Yet we have no real way of knowing how productive they are in these areas.

It’s nearly impossible to say: An improvement in the way people held meetings last year increased our bottom line by 12 percent.

But there is still a lot we can do.

First we need to take stock of the fact that email and meetings are where more wasted time is spent than in any other single area. Even in a fairly good meeting and mail culture, there is probably more low hanging fruit in this area than all the areas combined when it comes to increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Second, more than 70% of all knowledge workers are leaders of some kind, yet what skills besides the ones they were born with do most of them have?

Atrendia provides coaching and training for large teams as well as top executives. We can diagnose the causes or train in the areas where your own teams have determined where the challenges lie.



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LeanMail Turbo Training

Michael has amazing business acumen and has helped me redefine our strategy and tactics — something that is difficult to do even if you are extremely well versed in financial planning and private banking. Michael is rigorous, with great perseverance.  He is open-minded, has a statistical mind, is trustworthy and very smart. 
I recommend Michael to any executive who is looking for an intuitive, smart, out-of-the-box thinker who is capable of bringing out the best in you.
Xavi San Miguel Moragas, CFA, Managing Director BISSAN Value Investing, EAFI