Proect Team 360 TrainingDesigned for groups of corporate users

This course is for...

Anyone who manages projects.  From complete beginners to experienced corporate project sponsors.

It took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out.  

The synthesis you designed to explore just where we were investing vis à vis the return helped us visualize exactly where needed to focus. In our case, it took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out – the analysis we did together as well as your encouragement has had instant impact and very positive results in a short time. Psychologically we feel much more in control. With no remorse, we have eliminated certain projects and put others on the back burner.

Our approach to problem solving and time management is much more pragmatic and structured. Thank you for your presence and the sincere interest you showed for our future and the well being of our company.

Patricia Johnston, General Manager Nectar Prose International Artist Management

Level:   All levels of project managers

Pre-requisites: None


  • Instant impact – get clear insight with almost no learning curve; no lengthy analysis and waiting or reports
  • Complete solution – one tool integrates a project diagnositc + performance dahsboard + action planner
  • High Engagement – action learning framework uses team dialogues to create continuous improvement
  • Results focused – get beyond team dynamics with the three fundamentals of lasting project success
  • Virtual Coach – web acess and a self-directed process provides an “always on” sounding board
  • Strategic Thinking – big perfomance drivers elevate teams out of the weeds in to strategic converstaions
  • Integrates IQ & EQ – get insight on the analytical and emotional side of project and team performance
  • Continuous Monitoring – fast and easy, means frequent check-ins that can prevent problems.

Duration:  2 Hrs / 2 classes

Type:  Classroom, Blended, On-line

Course description

Introduction: In less than 30 minutes, get practical insight on how to improve project performance without any overhead:

– No surveys, No passwords, No admin –

ideal for Project Leaders, Sponsors and Project Teams that want to take project debriefs to the next level.

Scope of training:  1 learning session, 1 follow-up

Course outline

Day 1  (1 hr)
Learn now to manage projects from outside in.
Learn how to use six best practice questions to frame a dialog with your team

Day 2  (1 hr)
Review results of practical use


It is expected that course participants will have access to the Internet.

This is a hands-on training neccesetating participant engagement.


Participants should decide on a particular project that they are currently or previously engaged in to be used as a vehical for the learning.

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Maximum group size: 8

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