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Personal Leadership Training with Dennis Falk JakobsenBecome a splendid proposition in business and life

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This training is for...

the 30-50-year-old talented leader and manager who will benefit from a wider perspective of leading oneself, inspiring others, and to maximize one’s true value.

Level:  All levels.

Pre-requisites: A strong desire to improve; an understanding that improvement requires change; and that change, by its very nature, is often uncomfortable.

What is in it for you?

  • This training and follow up process is rich on inspiration, dilemmas, ideas and discussions, yet profoundly practical for you to implement the learnings in a successful fashion back home.
  • To succeed – to overcome the leadership failure rate of 75% requires a massive and dedicated effort – this training is designed to get you on track to succeeding!

…and for the organization:

  • Leadership is a team play – get your talent and young leader in shape to stand on own feet while bringing the best out in others – sooner than you could have otherwise imagined!
  • Design the maturity you require for talents to become a true fit to you ambitions so you have even more potential to carry the future of your company.

Session duration:  3 days (8-hour) – up to 9 months coaching

Type:  Classroom, 1:1, on-line.

Scope of training:

Personal Leadership is a process – ie, 3 days of training, (at your choosing) followed by 9 months of mentoring and coaching.

The idea is to re-visit, re-use and implement theories into daily operation and life by mentoring, coaching and daily interactions with superiors, peers, colleagues, friend and family.

The aim is to take you to a higher plane of thinking, standards and return on your behaviors – thus, simply to offer a greater return on all the best you have to offer.


Please expect these 3-days a significant call for action to your leadership and how you offer value to your company:

  • You will leave this training roaring to go! You will feel assured in your abilities, equipped to handle even the toughest questions – but most importantly – you’ll have a clear direction and plan for your development and career years ahead!
  • You will understand the role of leaders – how others become center of your attention and ability to create success for sake of the greater good.
  • Your company wants you to succeed – to become a valuable and treasured partner in driving the company forward – this training will accelerate you towards taking responsibilities and challenges sooner than you might otherwise would have expected.
  • This training is a first true test – are you ready to be a leader?

Course Outline

3- Day Plan

Day 1 (9AM – 6PM):

  • What you think becomes reality
  • Organizations – purpose, power and people (who is Joe?)
  • Introduction to Leadership/ Management
  • How is it possible – one CEO with 1,500 employees?
  • Why do you want to be a leader?
  • What is Talent?
  • Return on character
  • Homework


Day 2 (9AM – 6PM)

  • Your personality
  • Your strengths
  • Your core values and leadership vision
  • What are you going to do for others?
  • Can you spot a talent?
  • Leadership Q&A – best and future practices
  • Homework


Day 3 (9AM – 9PM)

  • Designing performance
  • Your career – where should you be going – how should you be maturing?
  • I’m splendid
  • You are fantastic!
  • What you will be doing the coming 3, 6, 12 months – growth and prosperit


The training can be extended with 6 months follow up including:

  • 3 times mentoring by a co-participant
  • 3 times mentoring of a co-participant
  • 3 times coaching by the trainer
  • 2-3 times Skype sessions with co-participants and trainer


  • Reading: approx. 120 pages by John Kotter on leadership, Gary Hamel on future leading, Fred Kiel on character, and so on…
  • Videos: 1-2 hours of various videos
  • Tests: 2 tests; duration approx. 45 minutes collectively

Step 1


All courses and training are money-back guaranteed.

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Once you purchase your course/training, you will receive instructions on how to schedule your training.

Step 3


We will send you all the information you need in advance of your training.

Step 4


Your training will be of the highest quality available.

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