LeanMail Cc: Protection TrainingAd-hoc training for individuals

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Marija Simin Geertsen, MD,, International Medical Adviser Alk-Abello

This course is for...

Individual knowledge workers who receive numerous mails where you are in Cc:.

Corporate groups: Please see our course for groups

The LeanMail solution comprises a methodology based on Lean Six-sigma, specialized hands–on training and software that is seemlessly bolted on to Outlook versions 2010 and higher.

Our aim is to ensure that you process emails —

  • as effectively as possible in two simple steps
  • according to both priority and urgency
  • with far less stress and greater satisfaction
  • using an add-in that guides you through the process, giving you complete control over your inbox at all times

Level:  All levels

Pre-requisites: Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher (including Office 365), connected to an Exchange Server.


  • Separate non-essential from essential mails
  • Decide which threads are important
  • Automatcially delete or archive threads
  • Avoid having to delete tons of email
  • Take back 20-30 minutes per day

Duration:  30 minutes

Type:  On-line

Maximum number of particpants per training group: 24

Course description


LeanMail is an introduction to the larger concept of Lean thinking in which the basic principles of project and task management are incorporated into a comprehensive Lean Communications training program that increases effectiveness, profitability and reduces stress.


  • Preparation and scheduling
  • One training session
  • Monitoring, retention and technical support available

Course outline

LeanMail Cc: Protection – 30 min

  • Familiarization with the toolbar and folders
  • Understanding the basics of Cc: Protection
  • Set up of Cc: Protection for users
  • Introduction to other LeanMail products.


  • Participants will be requested to process mails according to the LeanMail methodology during the training.


Participants will be required to take pre- and post-training surveys.


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You or your IT department will install the add-in and take a short survey.


30 minutes of Training

Say goodbye to the old heirarchical folder structure. File find your mails in an instant.


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Take a short post-training survey.


Pricing is per person including a 1-year software license (€36 annually). Contact us for enterprise pricing.

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