LeanMail Inbox480 TrainingAd-hoc training for individuals

My only change management challenge was my folders. I loved my folders. But my LeanMail trainer challenged me, and now with my LeanMail Archive, I have all my emails in one folder, however they are all categorized and easy to find.

You don’t have to search folder after folder to locate your email. You can add one or more categories to your mails and if I get a request from a country or customer I can easily find the last correspondence sent. This was a huge eye-opener for me and I will never be without my Atrendia LeanMail Add-in.

LeanMails’ trainer’s make everything easy to understand and apply in your daily work, and if you need it, support is just an email or phone call away.

I would recommend everybody to attend this course. This course is amazing!

Jannie Jacobsen, Executive Coordinator DHL Express Denmark

This course is for...

Individual knowledge workers who receive over 30 emails per day.

Corporate groups: Please see our course for groups

The LeanMail solution comprises a methodology based on Lean Six-sigma, specialized hands–on training and software that is seemlessly bolted on to Outlook versions 2010 and higher.

Our aim is to ensure that you process emails —

  • as effectively as possible in two simple steps
  • according to both priority and urgency
  • with far less stress and greater satisfaction
  • using an add-in that guides you through the process, giving you complete control over your inbox at all times

Level:  All levels

Pre-requisites: Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher (including Office 365), connected to an Exchange Server.


  • Separate non-essential from essential mails
  • Keep subscriptions and notifications separately from your essential mails
  • Protect yourself from wasting time on time-stealers dressed as “opportunities” by marketing experts
  • Avoid having to delete tons of email
  • Take back 20-30 minutes per day

Duration:  30 minutes

Type:  On-line

Course description


LeanMail is an introduction to the larger concept of Lean thinking in which the basic principles of project and task management are incorporated into a comprehensive Lean Communications training program that increases effectiveness, profitability and reduces stress.


  • Preparation and scheduling
  • One training session
  • Monitoring, retention and technical support available

Course outline

LeanMail Instant Archiving – 30 min

  • Familiarization with the toolbar and folders
  • Understanding the basics of Inbox480
  • Learn about the ReadingRack™ for subscriptions and notifications
  • Set expiration dates for Inbox480 and the ReadingRack™


  • Participants will be requested to process mails according to the LeanMail methodology during the training.


Participants will be required to take pre- and post-training surveys.


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Install the software

You or your IT department will install the add-in and take a short survey.


50 minutes of Training

Say goodbye to the old heirarchical folder structure. File find your mails in an instant.


Give us your feedback

Take a short post-training survey.


Pricing is per person including a 1-year software license (€36 annually). Contact us for enterprise pricing.

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/ Person

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