LeanCalendars TrainingDesigned for groups of corporate Microsoft Outlook users

“My hand-written to-do lists are gone now – and that is absolutely amazing!”
Thank you for an excellent programme.
Trine Nygaard Hamann, Head of Executive Office Mannaz A/S

This course is for...

anyone who wants to learn how to use or get in control of all their calendar and scheduling in Microsoft Outlook.

Level:  All levels

Pre-requisites: In order to take this course, you must have taken the LeanMail training.


  • Full control over your calendar
  • Understand what goes in the calendar and what doesn’t
  • Learn to plan properly
  • Learn the proper way to invite to meetings and create agendas
  • Reduce stress by gaining an overview of your priorities
  • Continue with the same philosophy you learned in the LeanMail training

Duration:  3½ Hrs over three sessions

Type:  Classroom, Blended, On-line

Course/training description


LeanCalendars is a sister solution to LeanMail. Where LeanMail is the answer for email correspondence and light task work, LeanCalendars is used for time/day specific activities.

The Calendar portion of Outlook is a great resource, but it not necessarily user-friendly, so we’ve redesigned it, as we’ve done with the email portion (See LeanMail) to bring forward the most important features and add some new functionality that will transform the way you manage tasks.

Even more exciting is the fact that Calendars is just one of several LeanMail solutions that can be combined or used separately in order to take your email experience to the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Scope of training:  

  • Preparation and scheduling
  • One training sessions
  • One coaching session
  • Monitoring, retention and technical support available

Course/training outline

Day 1  (1½ hrs)

LeanCalendars Training

Day 2  (1 hr)



  • Participants will be requested to process tasks according to the LeanTasks methodology during the entire training period whether under ATRENDIA’s supervision or on their own.  The participants will feel immediate benefits in real time.
  • Participants are expected to send daily print-screens during the entire training period in order to solidify the new habit.
  • Any other expectations will be co-created together with team leaders in advance of the first training.


PURCHASER will choose delivery dates from the LeanTasks Training Catalog. If the available dates in the catalog are insufficient or not viable for PURCHASER, Atrendia will go to great efforts to supply alternative dates/times.

ATRENDIA will meet with a designated project manager (PM) in advance of the training to brief the PM on the project workflow and expectations. PURCHASER, via  the PM, is responsible for informing participants of the nature of the training, ensuring that they register.

A training survey to make final adjustments to Outlook will be sent to the participants, and must be completed in advance of the training.

Initial trainings (Pilots) require a one-hour consultation to address the training requirements, objectives and to inform the Project Owner and the Project Manager (may be the same persons) to the training process and expected outcomes.

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Pricing is per person including a 1-year software license. Contact us for group pricing.

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