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Executive Leadership Coaching1:1 Weekly coaching and mentoring

I have had the great pleasure of working with Michael Hoffman for five years now. In the more than 250 sessions I have had with Michael, we have covered a wide range of issues, but the central theme has always been the same: to address my situation as it exists and find concrete ways to make positive changes in the direction I want to go.

Michael does not adopt a “one size fits all” approach. He brings his very substantial skill set and knowledge base to the effort in a way that both respects and engages the uniqueness of the individual. I have seen a lot of positive changes in my life and my business in the last five years, and I attribute much of the improvement to Michael’s coaching.

John Heard, Partner and CEO Heard & Smith
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This training is for...

executives who wish to achieve their greatest potential as leaders.

Level:  All levels from start-up beginners to 30+ year veterans of Fortune 50 Companies.

Pre-requisites: A strong desire to improve; an understanding that improvement requires change; and that change, by its very nature, is often uncomfortable.

Experience:  I work with CEO’s from the following industries: Legal, IT, FMG, Insurance, Non-profit, Petrolium and Investment planning.  The size of the companies have ranged from single-person operations to leaders of companies with over 400,000 employees.

Session duration:  1 hour / minimum 10 sessions to begin.

Type:  At client location, Atrendia’s offices or on line.

How to begin

Here is what I often work on with new clients in the first few weeks.  Think of it as a menu.  You can pick out what you feel is most important through a dialog with me:

  1. Do some quick Kaizens (continuous improvement) in order to get your head above water
  2. Help you create some healthy routines to ensure that you keep your head above water often including how to delegate more.  This can include LeanMail, LeanTasks, and other Lean training.
  3. Establish your roles, responsibilities, concerns, values and get clarity over what we want to achieve
  4. Decide what the most important areas for improvement will be in order to focus on them and bring about the greatest results
  5. Develop your mission and vision so that you have clear personal objectives
  6. Do the same for the business

That’s a lot of work for 10 sessions so it’s important to review your priorities.  My suggestion would be to double up the first two weeks, (two sessions per week) to get some traction going.

10 Golden Rules

  1. What is spoken about in meetings between you and me is confidential forever.  That works both ways. Please let me know in advance if you are inviting someone to the session – especially on-line sessions.  This also means that if your organization is paying for your training, no information about our sessions is shared without your expressed written permission.
  2. After the 10th session (if you decide to continue):  Each lot of ten sessions is paid in advance in order to receive the same discount.
  3. (Face-to-face meetings only) If I come to you for the sessions you will be charged an extra EUR 45 per session for my time and travel. Any extended travel (over one hour) is invoiced on top of this amount.
  4. (Face-to-face meetings only) Travel is invoiced together with the following pre-payment invoice.
  5. If either of us is late by more than 15 minutes, the other has the option of calling the session cancelled.
  6. Missed/cancelled sessions are not refunded unless they are rescheduled with at least 48-hours’ notice prior to the session.
  7. If I miss/cancel a session I will make up the session as well as one extra session.
  8. Any project work will be invoiced separately using rates to be agreed upon.
  9. Payment is made in advance.  There are no refunds.
  10. Referral plan: We will deduct two of ten session fees from your invoice for any referral clients you bring that we sign for at least 10 sessions.


Before our first session, I would like you to take this survey.

Step 1


All courses and training are money-back guaranteed.

Step 2


Once you purchase your course/training, you will receive instructions on how to schedule your training.

Step 3


We will send you all the information you need in advance of your training.

Step 4


Your training will be of the highest quality available.


Contact us for pricing. CEO of a startup? If your company is less than three years old or you have mitigating circumstances, we can negotiate the fee.

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