Create Your Personal Mission and Vision StatementsDesigned for executives/leaders

This coaching is for...

Anyone who wants to ensure that they get the most out of the years in front of them.

As Socrates said, Unexamined life is not worth living.

It took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out.  

The synthesis you designed to explore just where we were investing vis à vis the return helped us visualize exactly where needed to focus. In our case, it took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out – the analysis we did together as well as your encouragement has had instant impact and very positive results in a short time. Psychologically we feel much more in control. With no remorse, we have eliminated certain projects and put others on the back burner.

Our approach to problem solving and time management is much more pragmatic and structured. Thank you for your presence and the sincere interest you showed for our future and the well being of our company.

Patricia Johnston, General Manager Nectar Prose International Artist Management

Level:   All levels

Pre-requisites: None


  • Develop your understanding of what you really want in life
  • Start living your life by design rather than by default
  • Explore your roles and what you value
  • Create a plan to reach your personal goals

Type:  Locally, via telephone or  On-line

Coaching description

Introduction:  Without a personal mission and vision statement, you’re taking a huge gamble. Imagine running your business without a clear direction and idea of how to pursue your goals. You’d never do that. So why are you taking such an enormous risk with your personal life?

By creating a mission and vision statement, you will be able to clarify why it is that you are here on earth.  Even if you are coming to the end of your career, It’s never too late to get the most out of the years you have left, on the contrary, allowing the years to flitter away without examining your deep wants and desires makes for a dismal end no matter your current level of success.  Carpe Diem!


Scope of coaching: 5 X 1 hr  learning sessions.  If you choose to discontinue the sessions after the initial session, the entire fee will be refunded.

Course overview

Session 1  (1 hr)
Introduction and briefing

Session 2  (1 hr)
Description of roles and what your mission is with each one

  • What you want to achieve
  • Why you want to achieve it
  • How you will achieive it

Session 3  (1 hr)
Continuation with roles and commencement of mission statement

Session 4  (1 hr)
Finalizing the mission statement

Seesion 5  (1 hr)
Writing of vision statement and debrief

8 Golden Rules

  1. What is spoken about in meetings between you and me is confidential forever.  That works both ways. Please let me know in advance if you are inviting someone to the session – especially on-line sessions.  This also means that if your organization is paying for your training, no information about our sessions is shared without your expressed written permission.
  2. (Face-to-face meetings only) If I come to you for the sessions you will be charged an extra EUR 45 per session for my time and travel. Any extended travel (over one hour) is invoiced on top of this amount.
  3. (Face-to-face meetings only) Travel is invoiced together with the following pre-payment invoice.
  4. If either of us is late by more than 15 minutes, the other has the option of calling the session cancelled.
  5. Missed/cancelled sessions are not refunded unless they are rescheduled with at least 48-hours’ notice prior to the session.
  6. If I miss/cancel a session I will make up the session as well as one extra session.
  7. Any project work will be invoiced separately using rates to be agreed upon.
  8. Payment is made in advance.  There are no refunds.

No preparation needed


Private coaching


/ 5 Sessions

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