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It took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out.  

The synthesis you designed to explore just where we were investing vis à vis the return helped us visualize exactly where needed to focus. In our case, it took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out – the analysis we did together as well as your encouragement has had instant impact and very positive results in a short time. Psychologically we feel much more in control. With no remorse, we have eliminated certain projects and put others on the back burner.

Our approach to problem solving and time management is much more pragmatic and structured. Thank you for your presence and the sincere interest you showed for our future and the well being of our company.

Patricia Johnston, General Manager ,Nectar Prose International Artist Management

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All levels

Pre-requisites: None, LeanMail, one year of practice with LeanMail

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Introduction: TfsdfsdfafafafasdfThere are many perceptions of what executive leadership coaching is, and while I can’t speak for other coaches, for me, it’s about facilitative questioning; mutual reflection; careful listening; and the creation of a safe environment where we can experiment with ideas and expand our awareness.

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