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Atrendia Friday Video 34

This was an unexpected source of inspiration for me and perhaps the shortest Friday video ever, but definitely worth a quick view. Less than two minutes. Duration: 01:56 Find out more about our Executive Leadership Coaching Program. Click HERE to watch the video. Happy Friday!

Guest blog: Getting To Agreement by Sharon-Drew Morgen

Sharon-Drew Morgen is one of the cutting edge thinkers on the scene today. Her ideas for the sales industry go beyond our typical thinking. Because the sales model only addresses solution placement, it ignores the many non-solution-based decision issues buyers must handle prior to making a purchase: involve all the right decision makers, get buy-in,…

Anyone Can Create A Mission Statement

  He who has a “why” can live with any “what” – Nietzsche Full disclosure:  Most of the following is taken either directly or indirectly from the late great Stephen Covey.  If you are not familiar with the most important author on efficiency and effectiveness in the past century, start with The 7 Habits of…