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Get the Yes: Winning Funding, RFPs, and Grants

With my systems-thinking brain I asked her: How will they choose you over other worthy requests? What personal and professional criteria will members of the funding team consider before dropping others to fund you instead? How do political in-fighting or long-term client/colleague relationship preferences factor in to the decision process? How does your request fit…

Guest Blog: When Should a Seller Gather Information or Understand Needs?

Part 1 redefines buying thus: The process a buyer goes through to get their ducks in a row to manage all of the factors involved prior to, and including, making a purchase.  It explains why the sales focus of seeking appointments, gathering information, offering solution data, and understanding needs doesn’t lead to a higher percentage of…

Guest blog: Do you want to lead? or have someone follow?

I’m a dancer. When I studied the Argentine Tango there was a foundational rule that I believe is true for all leaders: The leader opens the door for the follower to pass through, and the leader then follows. If anyone notices the leader, he’s not doing his job. The goal is to showcase the follower….