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Atrendia Friday Video 23 – A Conference Call in Real Life

In this YouTube video you’ll relive those agonizing on-line meeting moments that make you want to pull out your hair!  You’ll be jumping up and down shouting: “So true!”.  Share this with colleagues – especially those who need some help in this area. Although it’s fun to poke fun at this, virtual conference calls are…

Responsiveness: when should you reply to a message

How quickly we respond to a message (email, phone, sms, chat, etc.) is an often misunderstood function of our work and is further complicated by leaders who institute temporal rules like “within one business day” or in less than two hours.  Here is a partial list guidelines regarding responsiveness: 1. Responses are not mandatory.  You…

Atrendia Friday Video 20 – John Kotter: The Heart of Change

In this Youtube video, Dr. Kotter talks about how to win over both hearts and minds in his book The Heart of Change. Within Dr Kotter’s 8 Step Process winning hearts and minds is an important part of business thinking and a way to change behavior in an organizational or a cultural change. If you…

Atrendia Friday Video 18 – When It Comes To Productivity, Technology Can Hurt And Help

Ok, this week the Atrendia Friday Video is not a video, but a podcast. I’m sure that many of you wonder if we are really getting a lot of productivity out of all these social “productivity” tools. This NPR podcast offers some social productivity tools as well as some balanced advice about productivity in general….

Atrendia Friday Video 14 – Jason Fried: Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work

Last week, Yahoo!, CEO Marissa Mayer, sent out a memo (directive) intended to stifle Yahoo! employees’ ability to work from home. She effectively put an end to telecommuting for all Yahoo! employees. Interesting. In one memo, in almost silent desperation, Mayer tries to close the lid on an unstoppable movement called the future of work….

Atrendia Friday Video 12 – Don Tapscott – Getting Beyond E-mail

In this McKinsey interview, Don Tapscott describes how we get beyond e-mail to the new social platforms.  He focuses on the central and compelling point that you don’t leverage knowledge through containerization, but through collaboration. Tapscott has authored or co-authored fourteen books on the application of technology in business and society. His 2006 book, Wikinomics:…