10 Golden Rules of E-tiquette (there are many more, but these are our top ten)

1. Don’t use “??” or “!” or worse “!!!!”  – Unless followed by a :-).  It sounds like you are shouting.

2. People LOVE to see the line: “For your action:” followed by exactly what they are supposed to do.

  • Be explicit with requests: What, How (if needed), and most importantly When you need it.
  • Don’t write a detective novel; spoil the ending by telling the most important things first.

3. Never ever ever write  an angry mail. Let your computer cool down – and you too – if you receive an angry mail.

4. Don’t try to explain complicated things.  Make a list of bullet points and then call.  (Shorter is always better. Exception: when giving words of praise.)

5. Better late than never. People don’t forget.  We only hope that they do.

6. (For LeanMail users) Don’t flip through the channels of your inbox. Either follow the Prioritize, Plan and Do (Today view) or don’t check your mail.

7. Remember that everything you write can and will be used against you: “Simple E-mail Trail Was The Undoing Of Petraeus” (Head of CIA)

8. Refrain from forwarding Bcc’d mails.  PLAN on someone making a mistake with it.

9. Think twice, and then a third time before Cc:ing someone and don’t expect any actions from people not in the To:

10. Hold your colleagues accountable (in a nice way) for sending you proper mails.  Coach them.

These are our 10.  If you want more tips about writing better mails go to Email Excellence now.