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You co-create strategies, coach, forecast and have the power to put plans and actions into effect.

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Knowledge Worker

You spend the majority of your day in meetings, working on a computer, and/or a smartphone.

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You are an experienced professional providing expert advice in a particular area.

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Project Manager

You have the responsibility of the planning and executing projects, large and small.

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Human Resources Manager

You are responsible for obtaining your organization’s most valuable resources.

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Leader / Manager

You are in charge of the Lean programs in your organization. You might be the head of QC.

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Customer Service Leader

You ensure that all the needs of customers are satisfied and that your teams are well equipped.

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IT Leader

You are responsible for implementing and maintaining the organization’s technology.

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Company Introduction: “Atrendia knows about virtuosity”

What do our customers say?

Facilitating virtuosity

When we think of a virtuoso, our immediate thoughts might be that of a brilliant violinist or pianist, but what about a project manager or a CEO? Couldn’t they also attain virtuosity?

Performing artists become virtuosos when they combine natural talent and excellent habit building with endless practicing. While some virtuosos in the arts are geniuses, most are not. They are regular people whose intention was realized through great sacrifice and formidable effort.

Atrendia’s mission is to facilitate those who have the skill, passion and understanding of what it takes to be virtuosic to levels unachievable without intervention through training, coaching and the introduction of cutting edge tools.

Virtuosity can only be attained when priority and focus meet and correct habits prevail over previously engrained methods that fail to measure up.

Are you ready to reexamine your current trajectory?
Do you aspire to virtuosity?
What about your teams?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, let’s start a dialog.

    Meet The Team

    Michael Hoffman

    CEO, AtrendiaOwner, partner, & the creator of LeanMail

    Erik Christian Rosenkrantz

    Partner, AtrendiaPartner & co-owner of CDM A/S

    Roy Speed

    Partner, AtrendiaPartner, owner of Salient, Inc., & the creator of Email Excellence.
    Kimberly Clark
    DHL Express
    Saxo Bank
    Caisse d'Epargne

    No one can be everything for everyone, which is why we selectively choose the strongest partners in their individual niches throughout the world. Today’s technology allows us to team up with the best minds available.

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