What is LeanMail?

Imagine having a personal assistant that prioritizes and plans your mails - so that whenever you're in your inbox you're always working according to your priorities: urgent matters are handled before matters that can wait.

The dream

You are in complete control of your inbox. 
Never late. Never missing important mails.  
You have complete control of projects and everything else that flows through your inbox.

On top of that, you find everything you're looking for in a flash, whether it's the four mails for your Monday meeting, all HR related mails from Louise, the three spreadsheets you need to take up with your boss at 3:00 today - nothing more than a couple of clicks away.  

In other words, everyone's dream inbox.

Don't believe us. Believe our customers.

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How to get started

1. As we have done with many small to global organizations in the past, we begin by exposing how the current way of working with email (even with the very latest MS technology) is unable to meet acceptable standards — not just from a user perspective, but more importantly from the customer (internal and external) perspective.  For most leaders, the effects of a poorly management inbox are latent, so getting to this point may require some coaching or coaxing.

Download a free copy of our email audit example here.

2. Once there is agreement that this is not a superficial “productivity” problem, but one that has strategic consequences (remember that is difficult to see without the first step due to its latency), a pilot is run in order to demonstrate what a future or preferred state looks like.  At this point we have a business case as well as a benchmark to compare with the current state.  Now, the choice of whether or not to move forward should be crystal clear. 

Did George send you?

If George Trachilis from the Lean Leadership Institute sent you, enter the code that he gives you in the message area and you'll get a 10% discount on LeanMail when you decide to purchase. (First time individuals only)

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LeanMail is part of a suite of products concerning how we interact with email.

Meet your new personal assistant

Well, no.  Actually LeanMail is not some virtual avatar whirling about - it's you who still does the work, but with the help of state-of-the-art productivity software.

LeanMail leverages the best parts of you and the best parts of technology.

You're good at:

  • coming up with ideas
  • what priority to give things
  • deciding what to do next
  • understanding how urgent something is

Technology is good at:

  • helping you keep things in order
  • reminding you of your deadlines
  • filtering out what you don't need to see
  • sorting information in different ways to help you have an overview
  • creating workflows to ensure that you get your work done - especially the things you value most

LeanMail puts the best of both worlds together in the simplest easy-to-learn format possible. Converting a world of mail mayhem into the dashboard of your dreams.

Our most often asked question: can't you just reconfigure Outlook to do these things?

First the quick answer is no.  Less than 10% of what comprises our add-in could be self-programmed by an Outlook user.  Second, even our own add-in cannot fix the problem because it is not a problem that can be solved by a tool alone.  

Just as a car is fairly useless without a steering wheel, brakes a chassis, four wheels and a motor, managing your inbox effectively and efficiently requires four main components: 

  • a methodology that works in all instances, 
  • a proper mindset; 
  • training that takes change management into serious consideration, and finally; 
  • a tool that facilitates both the process and the habit-forming.

Let's face it, if it were as simple as implementing a tool, we'd all be using it by now.

If the change management piece scares you, think about this: 99,1% of the people who go through our training are convinced that it is a much better way of working than their old system (or non-system).

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Benefits for you and your organization

For your organization

  • Save up to half your time on email processing
  • Transparency via dashboard overview
  • Use of existing MS Outlook software with LeanMail Add-in
  • Removal of bottle-necks
  • High ROI (10% or more of your total employee cost)
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • Minimal “hands-on” training time needed
  • Shared inbox option
  • Optimized, systematic archiving system, which includes the LeanMail InstantArchive™ Button
  • Training in Lean Management and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People supported

For your IT department

  • Reduction of 95% or more of the mails in each user's inbox
  • An end to calls to the helpdesk asking for more server space
  • An opportunity to align the way in which employees store mails
  • Does not interfere with any other software
  • Client based
  • Easy to roll out 
  • Works on WTS, Citrix
  • Works with all languages